The Project


The project is divided along three main lines. The first concerns the study of developments and changes in university students’ subjectivity with relation to their personal formation (non-formal and informal contexts) and (formal) university education and training. The second line focuses on the impact that university teaching, in the sense of the structure providing knowledge, practice, reflection and experience, has in accompanying and developing the necessary skills for people to enter professional and life contexts and self-orient their formative process. The third line regards analysis of the organisational dimensions and the university practices of placement, in the conviction that altering the system context is one of the engines for change that can respond to the new requirements that the world of professions and work asks of young graduates.

The research project is split into six phases. Each stage will involve all the participating universities and a single university will be given leadership of each one. The intervention research activities will concern the main moments in the students’ academic life: career guidance upon entry, personalised teaching, formation of the professional vocation, profession-building activities such as internships and work experience, and lastly job placement. Within the areas shown hereafter, each unit will develop and investigate each of these topics in parallel. For each objective, it is the task of the final workshops to produce the overall summary data on the problem in question.