Research Groups

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FedeliMonica Fedeli - is assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology of University of Padova. She received her PhD in Pedagogy and Education from the same University. She recently published articles and papers on Self Directed Learning, Personalization of Didactic and University Business Dialogue. She is Principal Investigator of a National Research Project called Emp&Co, employability and competences with the aim of developing new opportunities for young people entering the labor market. Her research Areas include didactics, methodology, teaching and learning and survey in the field of the quality of teaching and learning in Higher Education. She is working with international research groups on the theme of personalization of learning in formal, non-formal and informal contexts.




Daniela Frison - has got a PhD in Educational Sciences at the University of Padua. Her area of research is on University-Business Cooperation, methods and tools to support adult learning. Since 2012 she has been working as post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology and since 2008 she has been leading PARIMUN project, which aims at developing intervention-researches analysing business needs and carried out by graduating students in Educational Sciences.




Giovanni Grandi is PhD in Philosophy and researcher at the Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology Department of the University of Padua, professor of Applied Anthropology at the same University; Director of the School in Applied Anthropology of the «Jacques Maritain Study Center» and member of the board of its philosophical review «Anthropologica»; member of the Scientific Committee of the International Jacques Maritain Institute; member of the Scientific Committee of the review «Dialoghi»; member of the SOUQ – Research Center on Urban Suffering (Milan) Main interests and recent research activities concern philosophical anthropology and ethics, and particularly the topics of life-project, according to the tradition of classic and Christian thought. Other interests are ontology (St. Thomas Aquinas), metaphysics and epistemological problems connected to anthropology.



Patrizia Garengo, is Assistant Professor of Performance Management and Economics and Business Management at the University of Padua. She holds a Ph.D in Business Management and Industrial Engineering, University of Padua (Italy) and she is visiting researcher at the Centre for Strategic Manufacturing (DMEM), Strathclyde University. Her research interests include organizational development and performance measurement system, with particular attention to SMEs. To date She has published over 60 papers in international journals and conferences on performance measurement.

SARDI AlbertoAlberto Sardi, holds a degree in Cognitive Science  and Decision Making from the University of Milan, subsequently he achieved the master in Psychosomatic. Currently, he is a Researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering of University of Padua, his research is focused on Innovation and Performance in the PMI. After working experiences in more fields, he is focused with strong interest on new technical of management and development of the performance measurement systems.

Vianello.8080Michelangelo Vianello is assistant professor of Psychology of Work and Organizations. His current research interests focus on the reproducibility of the effects and psychological knowledge, individual development of professional vocation and implicit measures of personality and self-concept.



Elisa Maria Galliani is assistant professor of Psychology of Work and Organizations. His current research interests focus on the analysis of longitudinal professional vocation and on the relationship between emotions and work-family conflict.



Anna Dalla Rosa is PhD student at the School of Social Psychology and Personality of the University of Padua. Obtained, in 2013, the title’s degree in Social Psychology and work with a thesis on the design of the newspaper. His research interests are: e-learning, organizational processes, in particular, leadership training and development of professional vocation, methodology and use of implicit measures in psychology.

Vanna Boffo,  Associate Professor, SSD M-PED/01, in the Department of Education and Psychology, University of Florence (Italy). She teaches General Pedagogy in the Primary Education Teachers Training Course and Research Methodology in the Adult Education Degree Course. She is Delegate of Orientation and Job Placement in the School of Humanities Studies and Formation at the University of Florence. She studies “Work Pedagogy” and “Care and Interpersonal Relations” in the Adult Education.


Del gobbo Giovanna Del Gobbo is Researcher SSD M-PED/01 since 2009 in the Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology of  University of Florence, where she teaches Social Pedagogy and Human Development in course of Science of Adult  Educational and Continuing Education. She deals with Environmental and Heritage Pedagogy and Participatory Methodologies for Research and Adult Education.


Gaia Gioli, PhD Research assistant in the Department of Education and Psychology, University of Florence (Italy). She studies training and labour law.




Claudio Melacarne, PhD is Associate Professor in Social Pedagogy at the University of Siena, Department of Education. Delate of the Dean to Continuing Education. Co-Director of the International Journal “Educational Reflective Practices”. My research activities have always been focused on subject matters related to communities of practice and transformative learning processes. In particular I deepened the study of learning processes in different areas such as institutions, schools, workplaces ad every day life activities too.  I also studied issues related to professional and organizational development with a special attention to learning processes and knowledge building within communities of practice.


BarbieriBarbara BarbieriPhd., Researcher in Psychology of Work and Organizations at Sapienza University of Rome. She teaches techniques psychosocial research organization in the Department of Psychology of the processes of development and socialization of Rome. His main research interests are focused on entrepreneurship, on organizational cultures, on wellbeing in work contexts.

SBonomettitefano Bonometti, Researcher in Didactics at the Department of Humanities, Social and Education of the University of Molise. His research interests focus primarily on workplace learning, learning and teamwork, new technologies applied to teaching.

Szpunar 160x160Giordana Szpunar, Researcher in General and Social Pedagogy at the Department of Psychology of Development Processes and Socialization, University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Her research interests are mainly the relationship between theory and practice in the processes of learning and education to reflective thought, the training college and reflective practice, prejudice and stereotypes in education.


Valerio Ferro Allodola, PhD in Education, is Research Fellow in Didactic and Special Education at the University of Siena, Department of Education, Humanities and Intercultural Communication of Arezzo. He worked at the University of Florence (Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology), at the National Institute of Health in Rome and at University “Erasmus” in Rotterdam, Department of Psychology (Netherlands) in the field of Medical Education. His research interests is actually focused on the conditions to promote reflective and transformative learning in formal and informal contexts.




francesco lo presti2

Francesco Lo Presti, Francesco Lo Presti is Assistant Professor of “General and Social Pedagogy” at the University of Naples Parthenope where he teaches “Didactics” and “General and Social Pedagogy”. He was part of national and international research groups (Prin, DM 582/2006 of 24 March 2006; INTERLINK, DM 5 August 2004 n. 262 – Art. 23; FIRB (2003-2007). His research activities is devoted to the study of reflective practices for the management of critical educational relationships, particularly in the areas of orientation and training of educators, teachers and care professionals.


maria luisa IAVARONE

Maria Luisa IavaroneAssociate Professor of General and Social Pedagogy at the Department of Sports Science and Welfare of the University of Naples Parthenope, where she teaches Didactics. She mainly deals with pedagogical models and educational training, with particular reference to the training of trainers and teachers. In recent years she has been interested in particular problems relating to educational professionalism in different areas psycho-social health and human services.



Fausta Sabatano is Post Doc at the University of Naples “Parthenope” and Deputy Director of the Educational Center Regina Pacis of Pozzuoli. His main professional interests and research relating to adult education, especially educators, for the development of soft skills and reflective. In this area, more than ten years, deals with planning and training in classroom settings, academic, business and socio-educational. On these issues, has published several books and articles on national and international journals.



FOTO_Alessandra _Priore

Alessandra Prioredevelopmental and educational psychologist, PhD in Psychological Sciences and Pedagogical and Subject Expert in General Pedagogy. She was tutor university orientation at the University of Naples “Federico II” and “Parthenope” and collaborated with the Regional School Office of Campania in projects of educational guidance. Her research interests include the dynamics related to the processes of selection and training of teachers in the perspective of reflexivity.