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International Conference “Employability & Competences. Innovative Curricula for New Professions” (Florence, March 9-11, 2017)

International Conference

Final Event of the Project PRIN2012LATR9N
Employability & Competences. Innovative Curricula for New Professions
Florence, March 9-11, 2017

The International Conference is the final event of the project PRIN2012LATR9NTo design innovative programs for higher education, to promote a personalized learning, to build on job competencies, to value talents, and to create new work-opportunities. Positive strategies in Higher Education to support young adults during their employment, as a response to the socio-economic crisis and as a citizenship action”. It presents the results of the Employability & Competences (Emp&Co.) research along three main lines:

  • the study of modifications and changes in university students’ subjectivity in relation to their personal development (non-formal and informal contexts) and (formal) education and training in the academic context;
  • the university teaching, considered as the structure providing knowledge, practice, reflection and experience, and its impact on people, in terms of entrance into the professional and life contexts and self-direction of their formative process;
  • the organizational dimensions and the university practices of placement, guidance and traineeship considering that the context is one of the engines for change that can respond to the new requirements that the world of work asks to young graduates.